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Syed Thajudeen is an extraordinary story teller.  He brings stories alive with his magical brush strokes and the splash of myriad of colours which depict the protagonist, the plots and love triangles on the tapestry of his canvas. Famed for his mural-sized paintings, Syed has waxed lyrical with his rendition of the Ramayana,  Parameswara and the founding of Melaka, Mahsuri’s curse and most recently the love story of Hang Tuah and Puteri Gunung Ledang.


The legend has it that Sultan Mahmud Shah the Sultan of Malacca sent Hang Tuah on a mission to propose to the Puteri Gunung Ledang. The princess is said to have spurned the proposal by demanding several impossible gifts including a bowl of the Sultan’s son’s blood.  Love instead blossomed between Hang Tuah and the princess. Unfortunately due to Hang Tuah’s strong sense of duty, love was sacrificed. Syed’s adaption of this beautiful love story shows the love at first sight between the valiant admiral and the bewitching princess. The tigers prowling around Hang Tuah and the deers surrounding the princess symbolize bravery and gentleness, a perfect combination; the ying and yang.  50 years of experience is clearly visible in the mastery of the fluid, flowing figures that seem to dance on the canvas.


Another masterpiece that literally “dances” is the Spring mood, which depicts the dancers performing the Odissi. Odissi as an art form is very sensual, with fluid movements and solid footwork, which the master brings to life with a spring of lightness as though the dancers are floating. Jewellery is an important component of the Odissi dancer’s costume. The intricately painted bangles, silver belts, ankle bells and the mukoot or crown add to the grandeur of the painting.


The grandeur of the Twin Towers and the majestic Putrajaya state building represent the echelons of power and the pride of the nation. Malaysia as a nation has evolved and progressed since the historical proclamation of independence, by Tunku Abdul Rahman. Syed Thajudeen has successfully evoked a mixture of emotions with “Merdeka” and his indomitable pride in Malaysia is evident in his work.

This gallery dedicated to his grand scale paintings will take you through his body of work as a master artist and story teller , throughout the artist’s career spanning 50 years.